Monday, 06 March 2006
On the Lake at Smithville
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Welcome to the website for Bell Oaks Stable, the home of happy horses and friendly people.  We are located just 25 minutes north of downtown Kansas City, Missouri, but the beautiful hills, surrounding trees, and peaceful atmosphere make it feel like we are much further away from the big city life.    We are only about 500 yards from the Southern tip of Smithville Lake, so we are close to open spaces, woods and trails.

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We like to maintain a pleasant, laid-back, family-type atmosphere.  In addition to the main attraction (HORSES), there are plenty of seats for sitting around and swapping horse stories.  Boarders and guests can use the campfire ring, barbeque grill, covered picnic area next to the riding arena, or the inside meeting/party room (heated and air conditioned).  About 5 acres near the building is kept in mowed grass, making this area popular for camping, volley ball, and other fun activities.  There is even a playhouse for the younger kids.






Horse Boarding
Monday, 06 March 2006

We offer the following choices, when available:

  • howdy_pasture_neighborsPasture boarding, which includes supplemental free choice hay year round.  All pastured horses are called in every day, and they are each fed a grain ration tailored to their individual needs.  Each horse eats in his own walk-in stall, gets talked to, checked, and turned back out to pasture.

  • Paddock with shelter – Each paddock is large enough for a horse to at least trot around to exercise themselves.  Minimum sizes start at around 30 x 80 feet, and some are much larger.  Most include a 12 x 12 foot 3-sided shelter.
  • We try to keep some paddock space available for use as needed in controlling diets, which is often necessary for horses that get too overweight on pasture, or for those prone to founder on spring grasses.

  • Fencing is horse-safe Centaur plastic coated high tensile wire on wood posts.

  • We do not stall board any horses, but do keep a few large stalls available for sick or injured horses.

Pony Parties
Monday, 06 March 2006

If you are planning a birthday party, why not include horseplay.  We offer pony parties for your next birthday party, either at your house or at the Stable.  We  have a miniature horse named Goldilocks for the small children, and other ponies and gentle larger horses to fit the occasion.  The rides are usually scheduled for one hour, but we have been known to stay longer to make sure everyone has had at least two or three rides.   If you choose to come to Bell Oaks Stable we also offer a fire pit, grill, picnic tables, and a kids playhouse, plus a large green field to play in.  Oh, and a dog that loves to play soccer with kids!


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